Are you interested in becoming an official NEL Partner?

As a partnered organizer within the NEL you get access to a scalable and reliable esports monetization model by hosting a league in your country or region. If you are already organizing an established local league, including it within the NEL ecosystem will allow you to scale up and monetize your league further.

Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for professional esports tournament organizers from around Europe that want to create their own local leagues or include their existing competition(s) within the NEL system and brand.

Read the requirements carefully. If you feel that your organization or company is a good fit, we welcome you to apply!

Proven track-record
You have a proven track-record of organizing and running large scale esports competitions.
Complete organization
You should be a complete organization with technical staff, administrative personnel, designers, management, commentators, marketers, sales people or have some combination of those functions/skills at your disposal.
Sponsors & Network
You have sponsors, a network and the know-how required to sell the competition to sponsors.
Production Value
Either the capability to produce and broadcast professional esports productions, or the ability to work with local broadcasting teams to produce broadcasts with them in local languages.
Good Reach
Financial resources to advertise and market the competition, or a relatively large base of users/followers in various channels that can be reached directly or indirectly.

Interested? Contact us here.

We generally review and accept national or regional partners on a bi-yearly basis and can provide the NEL "license" to a new national organizer should the current one no longer fulfill the requirements.