The NEL (National Esports Leagues) is a new project by Challengermode that aims to create a system of esport leagues where teams of any skill-level can participate in reliable, well-funded leagues on a national or regional level.

In Short

Every national competition within the NEL ecosystem will be a seasonal and permanent esports league for that specific country or region.
The leagues will provide a clear path to the top for professional-gamers-to-be around Europe and eventually the world.
The NEL enables a new and reliable funding model for organizers around Europe that want to start a national league or are already hosting one.
Every league will be made up of a series of interconnected skill-based divisions within which any number of teams can compete and find their place.
Players, teams, and organizers will use the scalable and automated league system on Challengermode to play and organize.

Modeled after traditional sports, customized for esports

The NEL is more than a collection of national or regional-level leagues. It is modeled after traditional sports leagues but customized for esports and built to be digital-first.

It's a new competitive ecosystem that is based on several interconnected national or regional league competitions that anyone can participate in and that will see the best teams in every league rise to the top, culminating in a yearly European championship for the best teams.

Challengermode Platform

An Esports Manifesto

"We believe that esports is a top-down show today, and that we must “flip it upside down”; that it must be built from the bottom up. Today, there exists a large disconnect, or a gap, between the hundreds of millions of gamers around the world that want to compete at a higher level, but don’t have any way of crossing the chasm from the amateur levels to the pro levels."