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1. Definitions
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Last modified: June 28, 2018

Please read these Terms of Use (henceforth “Terms”) carefully before using this website. By using this website, registering as a member and participating in any matches or competitions at challengermode.com or any subdomains (henceforth the “Site”), the user (henceforth “User” or “You”) confirms the knowledge and agreement of being bound by the latest version of these Terms of the Site. These Terms apply to all web sites, property and services owned or operated by Challengermode AB (henceforth “Challengermode”).

Challengermode may modify all or any part of these Terms from time to time and may not provide notice to You of any such changes. You are encouraged to check back often in order to be aware of Your current rights and responsibilities. Any published modifications and additions apply and are automatically incorporated by reference into these Terms. Your continued use of the Site after changes to these Terms have been published constitutes Your binding acceptance of the updated Terms.

shall mean any kind of competitive format between two or more players or teams that play in a Game on the Site, with or without prizes. Examples include but are not limited to, Matches, Tournaments, Leagues, Ladders and Rounds.
shall mean each played match-up between two players or teams of players in a Game on the Site.
shall mean funds that You deposit from Your bank account or account on an online Payment Provider to Your Challengermode user account, or that has been awarded to You by Challengermode, or is obtained by other non-monetary means, which shall be used in Competitions or for other services and products offered on the Site. Monetary Credits can only be deposited if You are over 18 years of age.
shall mean the skilled-based games that is used to play on the Service.
“Payment Provider”
shall mean a payment institute that You deposit and transfer money through to use in the Service.
shall mean the digital platform of the Game.
“Privacy Policy”
shall mean the internal instructions for managing personal information of Users applicable from time to time.
shall mean the reward given to the winner(s) of a competition. Prizes can in the form of Credits (money) or in non-monetary forms. Credits won through Pay-to-enter Competitions may be subject to a commission to Challengermode.
shall mean a kind of Competition wherein Users pay an entry fee (in the form of Credits) to participate in the Competition
shall have the meaning assigned to it under Section 2.2.
shall mean online gaming competitions with more than two contesting Users or Teams in a series of Rounds and Matches
shall mean every completed payment transfer between a User's bank/payment account and the Service.
“User Account”
shall mean an account on the Site that You can register yourself, collect Credits or other prizes and through which You can participate in any Competitions.
“Game Account”
shall mean an account registered in a Game that You connect to the Site in order to participate in Competitions.
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