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1. Personal Data Controller
2. Consent
3. Collection and Use of Personal Data
4. Security
5. Right to Request Record of Submitted Personal Data
6. Deselection of Personal Data
7. Cookies
8. Contact Us

Last modified: Dec 5, 2017

Personal Data Controller

Challengermode is the personal data controller and is thus responsible for any personal data submitted by You on the Site in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act 1. The terms of this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time; You shall therefore read this Privacy Policy periodically. Any amendments of the Privacy Policy shall be published on the Site.

1 Sw. Personuppgiftslagen (1998: 204)

Collection and Use of Personal Data


The personal data submitted by You on the Site is aimed to provide Challengermode with necessary information to administer the Services and the User Accounts.

Registration of a User Account on the Site

In order to use the Services offered on the Site, You are obliged to register a User Account. The User Account shall only be accessed and managed by the account holder and such employees at Challengermode who are authorized to administer the User Accounts. The account holder is able to update or amend the submitted personal data and to delete the User Account at any time.

Using the Services

The personal data in the User Account is managed and processed by Challengermode in order for You to use the offered Services, which may include but not be limited to, being randomly matched with another contestant in a Match, issuing, sending and receiving Match requests, participating in a Competition, charging the User Account with playable Credits and receiving Prizes.

Disclosure of personal data

Challengermode will not intentionally disclose any personally identifying information about You (including Registration Data, information obtained by Challengermode from cookies, and information regarding the IP address) to third parties without Your consent, except where Challengermode, in good faith, believes such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law or other contractual provisions of the Terms or to enforce the Terms or where such disclosure is expressly permitted under the Terms.
Your acceptance of any Prizes constitutes consent for Challengermode's disclosure of personal data related to the Prizes, including to any third party in connection with awarding such Prizes. Challengermode reserves the right to collect and disclose general demographic and other market information that does not personally identify You to any person without Your additional consent.

Challengermode strives to provide a secure environment on the Site by limiting the access to Your User Account to only the account holder. Challengermode cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons gain access to the personal data in the User Account. You shall therefore not submit any sensitive information that is not requested by the Site.


By registering for a User Account and/or participating in any Competition, Tournament or Game offered on the Site, You consent to allow Challengermode to access Your User Account information to investigate complaints or other allegations of abuse.

Right to Request Record of Submitted Personal Data

You have a right to request a withdrawal of record of Your personal data in order to see what data that has been registered. You can require that Challengermode amends any detected errors. A request for records shall be made in writing and must be personally signed by You. The request shall be sent by regular mail to the address indicated below. It is thus insufficient to send the request by e-mail. You have the right to once per annum receive such record without a charge.

Deselection of Personal Data

The personal data is stored as long as You have a User Account and for a maximum two years after inactivation of the User Account. The personal data is then deleted, unless the data is required for a specific reason or Challengermode has agreed with You to store the personal data for a certain period of time. Challengermode reserves the right to delete personal data earlier, if Challengermode deems it appropriate.


A "cookie" is a small text file sent from Challengermode's server to Your browser. The cookie cannot identify You personally. It can only recognize the browser that is installed on Your computer and that is used to access the Site. Different cookies are sent to different computers if You access the Site from different computers. Cookies are required for the system to function correctly and safely, for example when You log in to Your User Account. Cookies are also used to measure the data traffic in the system and for statistical reasons.


There are two types of cookies, one type is called session cookies, and the other is called permanent cookies. A session cookie is sent between Your computer and Challengermode's server in order for the system to work properly during Your visit on the Site. A session cookie disappears when the browser is closed and is thus not stored on the computer. A permanent cookie is stored in Your computer and allows Challengermode's systems to recognize Your computer's IP address and web browser the next time You log in. Challengermode's system uses both session cookies and permanent cookies. You can decline Challengermode's system to store cookies on Your computer by editing a setting on the browser. Such settings may imply that certain functions on the Site will not function properly or be available.

Contact Us

If You have questions You can contact us on the below phone number and address:

Robel Efrem
+46(0)8 - 121 595 40
Challengermode AB, Jarlaplan 2, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden

Please note that the above contact information is only for questions regarding Challengermode's Privacy Policy. If you're looking for help contact

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