Play esports and get rewarded
Compete in tournaments, join the matchmaking queue and climb the daily ladder.
Challengermode Arena
Free and Pay-to-enter Tournaments

Compete in daily tournaments

Compete in epic League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments with other dedicated gamers and teams.

Free tournaments every day no matter your skill level. Get featured on the Challengermode stream and have your matches casted by pro casters.


Play when you want to

Jump in to the Challengermode matchmaking queue and play competitive games. Challengermode automatically matches you up with other players that are in your skill any time of day.

Safe Payouts

Win real money - safely

Win money by playing free tournaments with prize pools every week or enter pay-to-enter competitions on Challengermode. You can withdraw and deposit easily at any time using PayPal.

Challengermode uses industry-standard encryption.

PayPal payment options
Secure payments
Daily Ladders

Play the LoL Solo Queue and get rewarded

Play as many ranked 5v5 Solo/Duo games per day in the League of Legends client as you can. The best games will determine your total score.

Chat, IM and Teams

Find a team and join the community

Join the dedicated team finder and find a team or new team members to enter tournaments with. Add your friends and send Instant Messages (IM) to communicate easily.

Challenger Flux

Improve your skills

Playing with other serious gamers when money is on the line is a great way to improve your skills. Your Challenger Flux score tells you how good you are compared to others on Challengermode.

Here's what you can do

Some of our Features


Enter free or pay-to-enter tournaments solo, with your team or party.


Play the League of Legends Solo Queue and get rewarded.


Play games against users in your skill any time of day.


Create or join a team and compete together in tournaments.


Add other gamers as your friends to communicate easily.


Deposit and withdraw money safely and easily with PayPal.