Marketing for the 21st century
Connect with gamers in an authentic way through online esports competitions.
Challengermode Arena
What is Challengermode?

Challengermode is an esports platform where gaming millenials meet to compete and socialize around the biggest computer and console games in the world.

Why Challengermode?

Our mission is to make amateur esports as accessible as regular sports

Scalable and automated competitive gaming platform
We have scalable competitive concepts that allow us to engage gamers and fans in daily competitions, as well as leagues and tournaments over longer periods of time.
One of Europe's leading esports platforms targeting non-professional gamers
Challengermode's users and target group are gamers and esports fans, generally male 16-28 years old with above average income and education.
Esports infrastructure for organizers and developers
Create, host and run different kinds of large and small scale competitions while building and nurturing a dedicated community around a brand or game.
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Brand advertising

Marketing for the 21st century

Reach out to and engage with millennials through esports in a non-intrusive and authentic way.

Grow an authentic community
Grow a dedicated fan base on Challengermode with your company or organizer page.
Engage gamers around your brand
Sponsor branded competitions in a non-intrusive way, daily, weekly or monthly.
Reach further with live streaming
Feature your brand in live events and streams online with to create exclusive content.

Global reach, targeted engagement

We have users in 11 000 cities and are expanding every day.

Challengermode caters to a global audience, but the platform allows our partners, organizers and brands to pin point local markets through geo-targeted campaigns and competitions.

Tournament Bracket


Here are some of the brands and companies we are working with.

Save the Children
Stockholms Stad
Case Study

The Nordic University Esports Championship

Omen by HP is the new gaming line-up by HP. HP partnered with Challengermode to launch it in the Nordics.

The Company

Challengermode is a Stockholm-based tech startup founded in 2014 with the vision to create the best possible online competitive gaming experience.

We're a team of gamers, nerds, techies, athletes, creators and dreamers. It's a team made up of people who are the best at what they do. Some of us have worked at companies like Google, Microsoft, Ericsson and Spotify, others have started and sold companies. By merging years of business expertise and gaming experience, we're able to create a truly scalable platform worthy of the 21st century.

The Challengermode team

We have a background from

Google Spotify Microsoft Ericsson KTH Royal Institute of Technology Electrolux Warner Music Group Tre IKEA Stockholm University

The Challengermode Manifesto

Our mission is to make esports as accessible for non-professional gamers as regular sports are for regular people. We believe that's crucial for esports to become the world's biggest sport.

Just like every sport needs an arena, a playground or a ballpark. Esports needs a place where both regular gamers and aspiring esports athletes alike can come together, practice, compete and build their teams. There needs to exist a reliable structure and a path to the top. There needs to exist professionally run events and competitions at every level. There needs to exist a continuity throughout all of that. Gamers that invest thousands of hours into their favorite competitive games need to know that their efforts will be rewarded in the future.

That's why we're building a digital gaming arena for the 21st century. Large and small scale, national or international competitions at their very best. A virtual ball park in everyone's backyard. To succeed, we're bringing together gamers, brands, organizers and game developers on one platform. Inviting them to join us on our mission and together create the best possible competitive gaming experience for non-professional gamers.

CEO & Founder of Challengermode

The benefits of Challengermode

Here are some of our main features.

Social & team solutions for gamers
Team creation, management, chats, communities etc. for an accessible gaming experience.
Fully automated competitions
Fully automated competitions. Possibility to run near infinite number of leagues and tournaments.
Direct sales
Launch and sell products to players by offering discounts and promotions.
Admins & support 24/7
Kind and professional admins online to help out all the time. Can be reached via live chat almost 24/7.
Streamed tournaments on-demand
We provide streamed tournaments with pro esports commentators to regular gamers.
Pro-player experience for non-pros
High-quality, streamed tournaments and matches gives gamers the chance to play like the pros.

Contact Us

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