Every sport needs an arena
We built Challengermode to help gamers like you practice, compete and excel in your favorite esports.
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Who we are

Challengermode is a Swedish company founded in 2014 with the vision to create the best possible online competitive gaming experience.

We're a team of gamers, nerds, techies, athletes, creators and dreamers. It's a team made up of people who are the best at what they do. Some of us have worked at companies like Google, Microsoft, Ericsson and Spotify, others have started and sold companies. By merging years of business expertise and gaming experience, we're able to create a truly scalable platform worthy of the 21st century.

The Challengermode team

We have a background from

Google Spotify Microsoft Ericsson KTH Royal Institute of Technology Twitch ESL Electrolux Warner Music Group Tre IKEA Stockholm University

The Challengermode Manifesto

Our mission is to make esports as accessible for non-professional gamers as regular sports are for regular people. We believe that's crucial for esports to become the world's biggest sport.

Just like every sport needs an arena, a playground or a ballpark. Esports needs a place where both regular gamers and aspiring esports athletes alike can come together, practice, compete and build their teams. There needs to exist a reliable structure and a path to the top. There needs to exist professionally run events and competitions at every level. There needs to exist a continuity throughout all of that. Gamers that invest thousands of hours into their favorite competitive games need to know that their efforts will be rewarded in the future.

That's why we're building a digital gaming arena for the 21st century. Large and small scale, national or international competitions at their very best. A virtual ball park in everyone's backyard. To succeed, we're bringing together gamers, brands, organizers and game developers on one platform. Inviting them to join us on our mission and together create the best possible competitive gaming experience for non-professional gamers.

CEO & Founder of Challengermode

What our users say

This is why serious gamers play on Challengermode.

Member since December 2017
Playing tournaments & organized 5's opens up another dimension for League and Challengermode has great tools for just that!
Member since February 2017
Just wanted to say that your website is fucking awesome and by far the best platform for competing in tournaments
Member since August 2016
I cant believe how this is real, how do u get the prize pools? This is so cool!
Member since September 2016
Played on tons of sites and never ever saw admins that care so much about everything and always are at disposal.
Member since May 2017
Brilliant. Your support is the best i've seen in gaming sites. Thanks for your work.

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Work at Challengermode

Creating a scalable and automated competitive gaming platform and making it accessible online to any gamer requires a team with different skills and experiences. If you have the urge to create great things with great people and are excited about esports, we'd love to get your application!

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